Why you should own gold

I don't mind telling you… I was scared.

The worst days of the 2008 financial crash were a frightening time. We had no way to know what was coming next. So I acted to protect myself…

For my physical protection, I bought two guns (a shotgun and a pistol) in case there were riots in the streets or an invasion of my waterfront condo building. I had never before owned a gun, but I didn't want to risk the worst-case scenario I could imagine… being unprotected and wishing I had a weapon to defend myself.

I also bought gold bullion… and loaded up on gold stocks.

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Fortunately, I never needed the guns. After a few months, the risk of riots had subsided. Nor did I ever have to use my gold coins as currency.

But most important of all, the gains I made in gold stocks ultimately allowed me to pay cash in early 2012 for a double waterfront lot in Fort Lauderdale. Real estate was bottoming, and the lot was selling at a bargain 40% of its original 2007 listing price. I later built on it, and I live there today.

Now, here we are again… We've been thrown into a financial crisis for the third time in the past 20 years.

In this essay, we're going to look at the previous two crises. I'll explain why I think gold is going to skyrocket well past $3,000 an ounce, thanks to one key signal…

Here's the signal to buy gold and gold stocks.