Gold Mining Stocks Give You the Same Benefit as Physical Gold with Double the Upside

Year to date, the S&P 500 is down 1%.

But gold is actually up 25%.

And in my humble opinion, it’s just getting started…

Gold could easily double by this time next year. And if we continue along a similar trajectory of Federal Reserve money-printing, it could increase rapidly for years to come.

You see, the “knock on effect” of central banks around the world printing their fiat currencies at record paces is just starting to catch up to them…

The more there is of something, the less each unit is worth…

The less there is of something, the more each unit is worth…

It's basic supply and demand theory.

And that’s exactly what you’re seeing play out between government-backed fiat currencies (which are unlimited in supply) versus hard assets like gold (that are limited in supply).

That’s why you could buy a house in 1980 for about the average price you can buy a new car today ($38,000).

A lot has changed in 40 years, sure. But two things have remained constant:

  1. Central banks have printed more and more money, devaluing each unit of account (also known as inflation).
  2. One ounce of gold can buy the same things as one ounce of gold did 40 years ago.

Not only do I expect these trends to continue for decades to come, I think one ounce of gold will be able to buy significantly more stuff than one ounce of gold can now (known as deflation).

This makes gold a great “store of value” against inflationary fiat currencies printed at will by central banks around the world.

But buying physical gold can be a hassle. Not only is it expensive to store safely, it can be difficult to verify.

Just look at what happened to China earlier this month… They found out 83 tons of what they thought was pure gold (4.2% of their total reserves) was actually gilded copper.

That’s one major reason I like buying gold mining stocks.

Plus, gold mining stocks historically outperform physical gold by 2x.

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