What Are the Best Robots to Invest In?

Robotics is an broad-reaching industry that will affect nearly all walks of life.

So when looking to buy robotics stocks, what type of robots should you look at first?

5 Mobile Robotics Stocks to Combat Coronavirus Crisis

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Healthcare officials believe that coronavirus, which is highly contagious, can be stopped from spreading by social distancing and avoiding contact with infected people. Robotics is playing a major role in easing the burden on healthcare workers.

Mobile robotics has taken center stage in several countries. From aiding doctors and nurses in the hospital to helping police patrol amid lockdown, robots have been playing a pivotal role.

Robots' Role

So far, globally, high-tech robots have been used in manufacturing, defense and security, logistics, inspection and maintenance. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, robotics is being used in healthcare to minimize human-to-human contact.

From sanitizing hospitals, homes and workplaces to monitoring, surveying, handling and delivering food and medicines to patients, robots are coming to the aid of healthcare workers, thus lowering their risk of exposure. Small bot Tommy, the robot nurse, is being used in Varese’s Circolo Hospital. The robot can monitor equipment in a room and pass on the information to doctors.

In Italy alone, more than 4,000 health workers have been infected with coronavirus while treating patients and around 70 doctors have lost their lives. These robots help in limiting patients’ direct contact with doctors and nurses.

In Wuhan, robots have been used for spraying disinfectant through residential areas, while a patrol robot in Shenyang checked temperature and disinfected people and spaces. Robot chefs have been installed in Ezhou’s hospital kitchen to produce 100 pots of rice per hour, without human supervision.

In the United States, with major cities closing all non-essential businesses, restaurants have been allowed to stay open only for takeout and delivery. Postmates delivery robots help in delivering food in Los Angeles. Similarly, in Britain, self-driving Starship robot drops deliveries at doorsteps, eliminating contact between people.

Many surveillance robots and drones are being used to enforce curfews and conduct surveillance for security purposes. For instance, in Tunis, Enova Robotics’ PGuards, a four-wheeled, thermal-imaging camera and a Lidar (light detection and ranging) technology-fitted robot have been deployed to patrol areas. The robot walks up to people walking in the street and asks them why they are out. The person has to show their identity cards or other papers to the robot's camera, which is monitored by officers controlling it.

5 Stocks to Watch

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