Wall Street’s Favorite Stocks to Buy in the New Year

As Market Junkies know, the biggest movers in the stock market every year are small-caps. But today, we're looking at some large cap stocks among the favorites of Wall Street pros.

Analysts are skeptical that the stock market's gains, which are at more than 20% in 2019, will remain in the double-digit percentage range next year. They expect volatility to return in the midst of a U.S. presidential election.

Some investors wait for stocks to get cheaper before they step in and scoop up buying opportunities. Companies poised to outperform, they say, will be ones that can continue to grow their earnings even if the economy slows.

From iPhone maker Apple to beverage giant Coca-Cola to e-commerce titan Amazon, USA TODAY offers 20 stock picks for 2020 based on research reports and interviews with Wall Street stock analysts.

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