Two Healthcare Stocks to Buy Before Industry Profits Double

Healthcare stocks have been considered ‘out-of-favor’ ever since the start of the Presidential debates.

Then, they were punished again because investors were concerned what the President-elect might do to them.

But those worries seem to have subsided because the Republican party will retain its majority control over the Senate.

This means any major reform that may have been promised by the Democrats is significantly less likely.

But with this latest development, many undervalued pharmaceutical, healthcare, and managed-care businesses with strong fundamentals are beginning to see their shares rise. 

This is only just the beginning…

Even with a new President in the oval office, drugmakers, healthcare providers, and more will continue to be the biggest players in the U.S. healthcare industry.

In fact, market research company Statista says healthcare profits in the U.S. alone are expected to double from $14 billion in 2019 to $28 billion in 2024.

That’s why I’m bringing you two strong healthcare stocks that’ll continue to grow and dominate the market…

No. 2 – The Best Pharmaceutical Dividend Stock on the Market

Dividend Yield: 5%

Pharmaceutical giant AbbVie Inc. (NYSE: ABBV) was founded in 2013 as a spinoff from Abbott Laboratories. Now, it’s a highly profitable company that owns the best-selling drug in the world, Humira.

finviz dynamic chart for  ABBV

Humira is a human antibody-based medication used to treat inflammation from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. 

While the company’s patent on the drug will run out in 2023, it’s taking major steps to come out on top. Even as competition looms ahead, the company has begun to diversify its business. 

Over the last two years, ABBV has made a series of strategic investments. Earlier this year, the company finalized its $63 billion acquisition of Botox maker Allergan. The deal provided the company with more than 180 potential products. 

Meanwhile, ABBV has put in the time to build out its treatments in oncology, virology, and neuroscience. Throughout 2020, the company has developed drugs for lung cancer as well as performed studies relating to blood cancer. 

These efforts are paying off for ABBV. And they’ll likely continue to benefit the company as it further expands businesses between now and 2023. 

In the drug giant’s third quarter, ABBV noted earnings came in at $2.83 compared to Wall Street’s expected earnings of $2.76. The company reported revenue of $12.88 billion, beating the estimate of $12.72 billion. 

In ABBV’s press release, the company’s CEO Richard Gonzalez said while 2020 continues to exceed expectations, it also has several drugs in its pipeline thanks to its Allergan acquisition and other strategic measures. 

This has pushed the company to raise its quarterly dividend payout by 10.2% from $1.18 per share to $1.30. 

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