One ‘Hidden-Gem’ 5G Tower Stock Poised to Profit from Technical Innovation

The fifth generation of wireless infrastructure “5G” could be one of the greatest technological innovations in decades…

5G is anticipated to be at least 10 times faster than the current 4G networks. This means 5G networks can transfer massive amounts of data in nearly real-time. 

According to the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, 5G mobile subscriptions will soar to 220 million by the end of 2020. By 2026, the company forecasts that number will skyrocket to 3.5 billion. 

So, the coming 5G revolution is inevitable…

And any company that isn’t taking the leap forward will be missing out on one of the biggest opportunities this generation. This stands true for investors that have yet to capitalize on businesses that are laying the groundwork for these networks to operate. 

Even as companies like Verizon (NYSE: VZ) continue to develop functional networks, much of the world still lacks the infrastructure needed for consumers and service providers to take full advantage of 5G’s monstrous speeds. 

This means some of the best 5G tower stocks will remain pivotal in the years to come. These companies will be the ones developing thousands of cell towers and base stations for major service providers. 

That’s exactly why I’m bringing you a new 5G tower stock to claim your stake in this massive opportunity…

The ‘Hidden Gem' 5G Tower Stock to Watch Now 

A great pick is Spanish wireless telecommunications infrastructure and services company Cellnex Telecom SA (BME: CLNX).

The company currently has more than 61,000 sites across Europe. And that number is expected to surge even higher…

In the company’s November 12 press release, Cellnex said it will buy 30,000 cell towers from sites that company CK Hutchison currently owns. The deal is valued at $11.92 billion. Between now and 2027, the 5G tower company highlighted it would continue to build out its infrastructure portfolio as well. 

And Cellnex is already beginning to benefit from the coming revolution…

The company’s third-quarter operating income came in at $136.4 million. Cellnex ’s revenue surged from $908.9 million to $1.39 billion year-over-year. The company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization “EBITDA” nearly doubled from 2019’s third-quarter EBITDA of $601.2 million to $1.02 billion. 

Looking ahead for full-year 2020, Cellnex forecasts an EBITDA of $1.4 billion to $1.42 billion versus Wall Street’s estimated EBITDA of $1.4 billion. CLNX also anticipates recurring cash flow to grow by 70%.

With the company’s continued increase to buy out more properties from companies like Telefonica, it stands to be one of the best European 5G tower stocks to capitalize on the movement before it fully takes off. 

The Most Promising Stock in the 5G Market

It’s a single play that will let you earn money from every single company in the 5G sector.

But get this, I’m guessing that only one in 36,000 people even know this company exists.

This is your chance. This company is poised to go vertical. They’ve already inked contracts with some of the biggest, most successful media companies.

Huge corporations — T-Mobile, Cox, Sprint, and dozens more — are all ready to cough up billions of dollars for just a piece of the tech this small company has to offer.

But here’s the kicker:

This company is still trading for less than $10 a share.

If you’ve got a ten in your pocket (or, better yet, $20!) you can get your foot in the door with this unbelievable profit opportunity.

I’ve compiled all of my research on this firm, data, statistics, the ticker symbol, and even my target buy and sell prices.

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