This Online Education IPO Could Skyrocket Once It Hits the Market in 2021

The last twelve months may have fundamentally changed the future of the education sector, and one upcoming initial public offering (IPO) stands to benefit…

While the initial lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing measures were seen as temporary fixes to what many had hoped would be a short-term problem, these measures have lasted for nearly a year. 

And they’re even expected to remain in place for another few months, if not longer…

These factors have forced families, businesses, and school systems to adapt to digital schooling through the use of online-schooling services. 

While complications have arisen, particularly for grade-school students, the changes have shone a light on many of the benefits for older students. University professors around the world have highlighted that the trend has streamlined communication processes, allowing for more efficient and effective document sharing, discussions, and student-to-teacher conversations. 

In turn, many in the field have noted they believe online schools, hybrid courses, and the use of digital tools will become a staple for the entire market moving forward. 

This is especially true given the fact that the average college student in 2021 looks very different than previous generations. Education technology company Chegg’s (NYSE: CHGG) CEO in December told CNBC that the average student is about 25 and working. This suggests many are looking for an education that is not only flexible around their schedules, but also online. 

And this is just one of the major reasons why companies in the industry are doubling down on their digital services. But with so many firms already established in the sector, many aren’t offering the types of potential gains that could completely change investors’ lives for the better. 

That’s exactly why we’ve looked to the 2021 IPO market. Unlike publicly traded companies that may offer small, but consistent, increases in share value, IPOs have the potential to skyrocket in share valuation in the days and months after going public. 

This Online Education IPO Could Become a Major Market Leader

Coursera is a digital education company founded in 2012 by Stanford University’s computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. 

The business is working with over 200 big-named universities and offers a massive number of online courses with information and videos from Princeton, Duke, and the University of Michigan. 

And while the courses and information are free, the company’s business model revolves around charging students for certificate programs and full-on degrees. 

Typical classes from the company range from six weeks to ten weeks depending on the program. Bundled with these programs are weekly videos, course exercises, quizzes, and chats where other students can meet and discuss the materials. 

And the types of classes and degrees available cover all the ranges you’d expect from more “traditional” universities. 

This model had already garnered a great deal of interest from institutional investors prior to 2020. But with last year’s sudden reliance on digital platforms, came an acceleration in online education trends, enabling Coursera to raise over $443.1 million as of January 2021. 

These funds have given the company a valuation of more than $2.6 billion, though, with an IPO around the corner, rumors are already beginning to suggest it could be closer to around $5 billion. 

And while 2021 will see a slow return to “normalcy” over the course of the year, long-term tailwinds remain for Coursera and the online education industry as a whole. 

That’s because these changes will likely become a permanent part of our everyday lives. And as the average university student continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality and online education will increase as professionals expand their existing knowledge and skillsets. 

With Coursera’s strong pedigree, coupled with its partnership with well-known universities, it has the potential to become a leader within the market.

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