This Little-Known Penny Stock Has 500%+ Return Potential

One of the best ways to make outsized market returns is with penny stocks.

That’s because they have small market caps and are generally not correlated with the broader market.

Today, I’m going to be talking about a company with a total valuation of just $125 million.

It’s in an industry that’s absolutely exploding right now. And it has momentum building from major positive catalysts.

Here’s one of my favorite penny stocks to own now (and the catalysts that will likely propel it higher in the coming years)…

From $1.23 to Near $10?

Around the world, people have been flocking to electronic sports (eSports) because it’s one of the few safe and fun activities people can engage in during the pandemic.

In the first half of 2020 alone, eSports revenues were already up nearly 25% compared to all of 2019.

With major players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more investing billions into video game devices and streaming platforms, the industry is bound to grow exponentially from here.

But since those companies are already so massive and their eSports investments make up a tiny percentage of their revenues, I went searching for a smaller company that’s growing quickly and focuses all of its efforts on gaming.

That’s when I came across a little-known stock called Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: ENGMF), trading for $1.23.

Today, Enthusiast has a market cap of $125 million. But it wouldn’t surprise me to see the stock reach $750 million to $1 billion (nearly $10 per share) in the next 2-4 years.

Enthusiast’s platform includes 100 gaming related websites and over 1,000 YouTube channels that generate billions of monthly page views from its 300 million subscribed fans.

The company also has seven professional esports teams and conducts over 30 gaming events yearly.

It’s eSports division, Luminosity Gaming, is one of the most well-known eSports brands in the world. It even used to be home to the most popular gamer in the world, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, until recently.

What I like most about Enthusiast is that it’s committed to exponential growth.

The company recently acquired Omnia Media – one of the world’s largest news curators for gaming culture – that’s going to bring an additional 90 million unique video watchers and 3.2 billion web page viewers per month.

In the long-term, I think this deal will pay off big time and investors can expect huge returns ahead for ENGMF stock.

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