This Biotech Stock is Developing Breakthrough Cancer Detection Tools

NanoString Technologies (NSTG) is a biotechnology company at the forefront of developing cancer diagnostic tools. 

In fact, the company uses genomic data to detect cancer early at a molecular level, as well as better target residual areas of the disease. This means NSTG effectively uses DNA to find and treat cancer before it becomes a major issue. 

And while it’s a relatively new publicly-traded company, NSTG is making progress in achieving profitability.

In its most recent quarter, NSTG reported an earnings loss per share of $0.60, largely in-line with Wall Street’s expected loss per share of $0.59. The company’s EBITDA was a loss of $17.3 million versus the expected decline of $21.5 million. 

Meanwhile, revenue came in ahead of the $32.3 million estimate at $33.9 million. 

Currently, NSTG is partnered with Parker Institute on a molecular characterization project for cellular therapies.

Through the collaboration, the companies will develop standardized approaches to cell therapy regimens that could help improve patient outcomes across a variety of cancer types. 

And as the biotech company continues to research breakthrough therapies, it could be at the forefront of a new era of cancer treatments.

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