This $1.5 Billion Space Stock Could Easily Be Worth Over $10 Billion

One of the industries I’m most excited to invest in now is the space industry.

Up until recently, governments were the only entities putting serious time, money, and effort into space exploration.

There was no way to invest in those programs, of course. And there was little reason for private businesses to enter the space game…

Until now.

Today, there is a solid group of commercial space companies raising money and executing on business models that could be very profitable in the future.

From commercial companies making rockets, to satellites, to space “tugboats” that move equipment around in zero gravity…

To software companies that mine satellite data…

There are a plenty of opportunities for investors to make a fortune in the “commercial space race.”

You just have to look in the right places and do the research…

So today, I’m going to help you do just that by revealing my favorite satellite imagery company.

The company already has a SPAC deal in place that’s going to take it public later this July.

So, investors who learn about it today put themselves in the best position to prosper long-term.

Here it is…

The Best Space Satellite Company to Watch Now

Last month, the Seattle-based satellite imagery specialist company, BlackSky became the latest space venture that will soon be available to investors in the public markets.

That’s when BlackSky announced a SPAC merger with a company called Osprey Technology (NYSE: SFTW).

The new company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “BKSY” after the deal closes in July.

finviz dynamic chart for  SFTW

SFTW stock initially popped 59% from $11 to $17.50 on the news within 48 hours, which tells me Wall Street thinks the deal is favorable.

SFTW is currently trading for $10.40, but you shouldn’t start investing until the deal is completed and we can dig into BlackSky’s financial books.

Here’s what BlackSky’s CEO Brian O’Toole had to say about getting a deal done with Osprey:

“This transaction fully funds our growth plans and accelerates our vision of providing our customers with a ‘first-to-know’ advantage. This is an important inflection point for our industry as commercial and government users demand access to real time information about the changes that matter most to them.”

Osprey is led by investors Edward Cohen and Jonathan Cohen alongside David DiDomenico of investment management firm JANA Partners.

BlackSky will raise $450 million in cash with the deal, including $180 million in a Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE).

The PIPE funds will come from another group of prominent venture funds including Tiger Global, Senator Investment Group, Mithril Capital (the investment firm of Peter Theil and Ajay Royan), and Hedosophia (the venture fund of U.K. investor Ian Osborne).

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The merger value between Ospray and BlackSky is expected to be $1.5 billion based on the value of the PIPE.

That leaves plenty of room for growth for investors who think this could be multibillion businesses (like myself).

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see BSKY work over $10 billion in a few short years.

BlackSky will use the funds to further progress its goal of a network of 30 imaging satellites.

The company will use the satellites to capture imagery of anywhere on the planet every 30 minutes.

Currently, BlackSky has 5 satellites in operation with plans to add 9 more satellites in orbit later this year.

The company builds its satellites through its vertically integrated joint venture, LeoStella, and a French-Italian manufacturer calls Thales Alenia Space.

BlackSky is simply the latest in a series of space companies that have announced deals to go public through a SPAC.

But it certainly won’t be the last of these high-growth potential space names.

So, stay tuned because I’ll be sure to be covering more in future articles.

In the meantime…

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