The Ultimate “Forever Tech”

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Even the coolest of cool technologies exist under constant threat of being replaced.

Just ask BlackBerry Ltd. (formerly Research In Motion).

For all intents and purposes, BlackBerry looked poised for a long and fruitful run.

BlackBerry smartphone usage peaked in 2011, with 50% of the market under its control.

By 2016, BlackBerry had ceased manufacturing as Apple’s iPhone ended the company’s incredibly brief reign of power.

Although we tend to snicker about how BlackBerry phones were once considered awesome…

Virtually every technology will eventually become a funny punchline.

Carburetors lost to fuel injectors.

Fax machines lost to email.

Pagers lost to cellphones.

Flashbulb cameras lost to digital photography.

Incandescent bulbs lost to LEDs.

DVDs lost to Blu-ray technology.

The list goes on and on and on.

When it comes to technology, forever seems to be an illusory goal.

Yet a precious few technologies — the rarest of the rare — fall into the category of what I like to call “forever tech.”

Forever tech can endure for decades, continually reinventing itself with new applications.

Among the incredibly short list of “forever techs” — one of them turned 60 years old this year.

I’m talking about laser technology.

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Could This New Tech Be A “5G Killer”?

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