The Top Tech Stocks to Buy Ahead of “E3” (No. 3 of 4)

finviz dynamic chart for  EA

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the largest video game publishers in the U.S.

It’s well known for its major sports franchises like Madden and FIFA. But it’s also the same company behind major series such as Battlefield, Mass Effect, and Star Wars.

Over the past several years, EA has dipped its toes into the free-to-play market as well. Back in 2019, it released the critically acclaimed title Apex Legends, which has garnered over 100 million players since.

While the firm won’t have the largest showing at E3 2021, it is expected to tease its new Battlefield 6 title

However, EA is projected to unveil several major series at its own EA Direct in July.

At this event, EA will showcase Skate 4, Dragon Age 4, a possible new Mass Effect title, as well several new baseball and racing games. It could even include information on Apex Legends’ future updates. 

So, with plenty of upcoming reveals, this video game stock could see shares surge in the coming months.

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