The Single Best Stock to Buy when the Market Tanks

Our #1 Stock for 2021


Professional investors such as Joel Greenblatt, David Tepper and Ken Fisher have already invested a combined $250 million in this company that experts are calling “one of the most disruptive stocks in the world.”

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DocuSign (DOCU) is one of my favorite ways to play the market when it's tanking.

Much like the other “SaaS” (Software-as-a-Service) stocks, DocuSign provides cloud services to businesses and individuals.

However, DOCU focuses entirely on e-Signature offerings and electronic agreement services. 

While companies were already beginning to see the immense value in the company’s products, the past twelve months have made DOCU’s services pivotal for businesses looking for safe ways to safely sign their digital contracts. 

This paid off in spades for DOCU in 2020. And the company’s March financials suggest 2021 will continue the trend. 

In the fourth quarter, DOCU said its earnings per share were $0.37 compared to the anticipated $0.22.

The company’s revenue for the quarter was $430.9 million, much higher than the estimated $408 million. Billings also surged by 46%…

Even with some reopening headwinds, DOCU’s services have a proven track record of making document management and signing not only easier, but also faster for those that have adopted its services.

This suggests that even after employees and businesses eventually return to the office in one way or another, DOCU’s products will still be in high demand.

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