The Biggest Trend We’ll See Next In Tech

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Human beings are social creatures. We’re pack animals. We need each other. This undeniable fact has come into razor-sharp focus over the past few months. What other explanation is there for virtual Zoom parties?

We’re so desperate for group connections that we’re using enterprise collaboration software just to get the meager high of a flat, awkward, 2D hangout. If you’ve been to one of these video-conferencing happy hours or FaceTime game nights, you know exactly what I mean. It feels better than nothing, but it’s not quite enough to replace what’s missing.

This is exactly why we’re seeing a huge trend towards more immersive experiences. Hell, if the coronavirus had happened ten years later, we’d all be wearing VR headsets, sitting in computer-generated conference rooms, and visiting each other face-to-face in cyberspace.

The fact is, the tech just isn’t there yet. But I have a sneaky feeling it will be soon… because the harsh reality of not having it around is so much clearer now.

Since we can’t sit around the dinner table with holograms of our extended family and friends, many people are turning to the next best thing: video games.

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