The Best Sports-Betting Stock to Ride the Legalization Wave

DraftKings (DKNG) is an American sports betting company that allows users nationwide to enter daily and weekly fantasy sports-related contests to win money online.

They also offer gambling on individual sports games in 13 states where it's legal.

And a recent wave of legalizations across a variety of states have proven to be a tailwind for the company…

You see, 14 more states recently passed legislation to make sports gambling legal.

And DraftKings is gearing up to go live in all of them soon.

In its most recent quarter, DKNG reported a loss per share of $0.26 compared to the expected loss of $0.54.

The company’s revenue for the second quarter was $297.6 million, beating Wall Street’s anticipated $245.5 million. 

More importantly, DraftKings’s customer growth was spectacular.

The company said its monthly users rose by 281% to 1.1 million, with its revenue per user having increased by 28% to $80 as well.

So, as sports-betting legalization continues to expand, DKNG is my #1 option in the space thanks to the massive popularity of its brands, its current market position, and growth prospects.

What This Millionaire Did in a Coffee Shop Is Groundbreaking


Recently, a man took to the streets and a coffee shop in Denver to conduct an unusual experiment…

He also recorded a controversial video of it.

I’ve saved you a link here.

Now please keep in mind…

He’s NOT a street magician, a politician, a televangelist, or some crackpot.

Instead, he’s a multimillionaire and an angel investor, with thousands of followers…

He was in Denver to unveil a breaking 5G story for 2021 that you won’t hear anywhere else.

It could trigger the long–awaited $12 trillion 5G economy all by itself.

What’s exciting is… at the center of this story sits a tiny company trading at around $10 a share — with a bleeding–edge 5G technology.

I think you will be interested in this opportunity before the wider public catches on.

Again, I got you the best link to this opportunity filmed on Denver’s streets. Do watch it right now.