The Best Blockchain Stock to Buy on the Rise (No. 3 of 3)

finviz dynamic chart for  RIOT

Riot Blockchain, Inc. is a Bitcoin mining startup (worth about $2.1 billion) based in the United States that is rapidly increasing industrial scale mining to support the Bitcoin blockchain.

The company is constantly working to grow its operations by boosting the hash rate of bitcoin mining while lowering production expenses.

Riot believes that future bitcoin mining operations in the United States will help the industry, and it aspires to be a part of that future.

Even with Bitcoin's recent dip, Riot Blockchain Inc. (RIOT) stock has still gained 1,190% over the last 12 months.

That's compared to just 40% for the S&P 500. And the average rating from Wall Street analysts is a “Strong Buy.”

I agree with that consensus rating, and expect Riot to easily continue outperforming the S&P 500 (along with Bitcoin) throughout 2021.

Take advantage of the recent crypto volatility and “buy the dip” on RIOT stock.

A Money Revolution Bigger Than Bitcoin


Experts say these cryptos will have “a revolutionary impact on the daily life of nearly every person on the planet” with the potential to grow 40 TIMES bigger than the entire tech industry.”

They are already beginning to take over a growing share of the global financial system.

Early investors have already seen one investment grow from pennies to $43,000 in about ten weeks!

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