The Best 5G Stock to Buy Now (No. 2 of 3)

finviz dynamic chart for  GLW

Corning Inc. (GLW) is a multinational technology company that develops specialty glass, ceramics, and other materials. The firm’s products are largely used for mobile consumer electronics, life sciences, and automotive technologies. 

And in its most recent quarter, it reported earnings per share of $0.45 compared to the expected $0.43. Revenue was $3.26 billion, topping the estimated $3.13 billion. 

Even as economic activity returns closer to normal, demand for the glass used for laptop screens, televisions, tablets, and smartphones continue to surge. And as major companies like Apple and Google continue to build larger, 5G-capable phones, the need for specialty glass could grow in tandem. 

But in the instance that device demand decelerates in the coming months, its fiber-optic cable business will remain pivotal for 5G infrastructure moving forward, as these cables are what help make the internet function.

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