The 10 Best Stocks to Buy Under $10

As we head further into 2021, markets are setting record highs…

The S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 are all up between 11% and 17% since January. And with stimulus flooding the market and economic activity returning to more normal levels, the indexes could trend much higher. 

These tailwinds will benefit traditional stocks that are trading anywhere from $50 to $200 per share.

However, any gains that are made will pale in comparison to those trading under $10. 

While these largely consist of lesser-known firms, many cheap stocks trading on U.S. exchanges have strong financials or business models that could send shares up by double or triple-digit percentages in the right market conditions. 

This is especially true if institutional investors uncover their potential and stock up on shares. 

That’s exactly why we’re bringing you rapidly-growing companies that trade under $10 per share that could benefit from the current economic rebound.

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 10: The $4 Stock Capitalizing on Tesla's Big Problem


Elon Musk and Tesla still have one BIG PROBLEM that could derail the whole electric vehicle market.

No, it's not lithium.

It's another resource that's even more critical for electric vehicles…

In fact, every single Tesla Model 3 needs approximately 121 lbs of it… about 5-6x more than the amount needed for gas-powered cars.

And there's one tiny stock that I identified during my research that is uniquely set up to benefit from this new growing demand more than most…

It's virtually unknown and trading for less than $4 today.

The last time this asset was in high demand, stocks in this market climbed as high as 1,098%… 2,326%… even 2,983%!

So get the facts for yourself today while there's still time…

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Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 9: Wall Street Banks Are Secretly Piling Money Into This


Since the government launched an emergency program initially totalling $6.9 TRILLION and still counting…

JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the world, has been quietly piling a massive amount of money into a certain sector of the stock market.

$2.3 BILLION so far to be exact.

It’s obvious that the Wall Street banks know something that everyday investors don’t.

Because the last time the government made a similar move in 2008… this same investment soared 500% in record time.

And if you watch this urgent briefing, I’ll reveal to you within the first 3 minutes the exact sector wall street banks are piling billions of dollars into as we speak…

As well as the $5 stock you should buy immediately to potentially 10x your money in just a few months…

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 8: PAVmed Inc.

finviz dynamic chart for  PAVM

PAVmed (PAVM) is a U.S. medical device company. Its products include devices for medical testing ranging from carpal tunnel to detecting diseases in patients’ esophagus. The company also develops implants for patients’ ears and vascular systems. 

And these have proven to be profitable ventures for the company…

In February, the company reported preliminary earnings per share of $0.17 versus the expected loss of $0.11. The medical device firm also said cash and cash equivalents were $17.3 million, greatly exceeding Wall Street’s estimates of $6.2 million.

These positive numbers, combined with its growing business, have pushed financial services firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, to rate PAVmed shares as “overweight,” adding that it could soon rise by 33.3%.

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 7: Scary Ammunition Shortage Could Send $8 Ammo Stock through the Roof


Gun enthusiasts nationwide who have tried to buy ammunition lately have learned firsthand the meaning of “scarcity.”

In small gun shops and big-box stores alike, where ample ammo once abounded, empty shelves are now revealing a severe shortage of ammunition.

In fact:

  • Background checks for handgun purchases have gone up 80% in the last year…
  • Monthly firearm sales are now the highest they've been in history…
  • And now the industry is bringing in about $1.06 billion per month in revenue.

 But this ammo company is still very cheap and is trading at around $8.00.

The stock is moving fast, and I'd estimate that it has 200% to run,” says 40-year investing expert Shah Gilani.

The trend, he says, is clear. As the ammo shortage gets worse, the more this one company has to gain as its profit margins on every dollar of the $80 million in backorders skyrockets.

This company's stock could just go through the roof,” predicts Mr. Gilani. “In fact, it could rocket within days.”

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Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 6: Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs (OTCMKTS: CRLBF) is a Chicago-based cannabis company that sells a variety of products under its subsidiary businesses. The firm has over 22 dispensaries all over the U.S., which sell edibles, including gummies as well as concentrated oils. Its business focuses largely on the retail and wholesale markets. 

This has worked out well for Cresco so far…

In the company’s fourth quarter, Cresco reported earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of $50 million compared to the estimated $46.6 million. The cannabis company’s revenue for the quarter was $162.3 million, topping the consensus of $161.1 million. 

And these positive trends could continue. An increasing number of states are legalizing marijuana. There are even talks of legalizing it on the Federal level. Regardless of how the situation plays out, states will continue to pass legislation, either legalizing it for recreational or medicinal use. This should help Cresco Labs grow its share value over the long term. 

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 5: The Top Stock of This Generation


This pill is set to completely change the lives of millions of Americans…

And because just one tiny Brisbane company has virtually monopolized this technology with 140 foolproof patents…

Investors who get in on this tiny $5 stock stand to become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

In fact, you could transform every $500 invested into $1.5 million.

Here are all the details.

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 4: Enthusiast Gaming

Around the world, people have been flocking to electronic sports (eSports) because it’s one of the few safe and fun activities people can engage in during the pandemic.

In the first half of 2020 alone, eSports revenues were already up nearly 25% compared to all of 2019.

With major players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more investing billions into video game devices and streaming platforms, the industry is bound to grow exponentially from here.

But since those companies are already so massive and their eSports investments make up a tiny percentage of their revenues, I went searching for a smaller company that’s growing quickly and focuses all of its efforts on gaming.

That’s when I first came across a little-known stock called Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: ENGMF) back in September 2020 – when it was trading for $1.23.

Today, Enthusiast is worth $7 per share. But it wouldn’t surprise me to see the stock $21 per share in the next 2-4 years (if it doesn’t get bought out by one of the big guys first).

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 3: $4 “Junior Gold Mining” Stock Could Soar 10x from Today’s Prices


This virtually unknown gold miner is located in an area that has produced some of the richest mineral deposits on the planet. In fact, several companies in this region have netted gains over 2,000% during gold bull markets in the past…

And this “junior gold miner” could be sitting on what may soon be one of the top 5 largest gold deposits in the world.

Big drilling projects are underway… And while this area is a relatively unknown secret, it won’t remain that way for long.

Later this year, this company will be releasing resource estimates. And when they do, the secret will be out.

Put simply, this $4 stock could soar 10x from today’s prices.

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Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 2: Nokia

finviz dynamic chart for  NOK

Nokia (NOK) is a Finish telecommunication and electronics company. While Nokia was once the biggest cell phone company in the world, it has doubled down on infrastructure since Microsoft’s (MSFT) purchase in 2014. 

And in recent years, Nokia’s focus has largely been on the fifth generation of wireless technology (“5G”). Now, the firm helps support major telecommunication companies such as T-Mobile (TMUS) to build their 5G network. More recently, Lenovo reached a deal with Nokia to pay for technology licenses at an undisclosed amount. Meanwhile, Nokia has also partnered with Alphabet (GOOGL) to develop cloud-based 5G radio solutions.

In its fourth quarter, Nokia’s earnings per share were $0.19 compared to the anticipated $0.15. The telecommunication company’s revenue for the quarter was $9 billion compared to the expected $8.8 billion.

Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 No. 1: Patent-Hoarding Company Holds Tech Industry HOSTAGE (With $3 SuperStock)


Most companies file for a patent and wait years to proceed with business…

But not these guys.

In fact, they own exactly 45,599 global patents…

And now EVERY major tech company is forced to do business with them.

The crazy thing is…

Their stock is trading for only $3 a share

And almost NOBODY knows how to invest in it because it trades under a secret name.

This information wasn't supposed to get out.

These guys are set to make a huge deal with Apple…

And it's only a matter of time before word gets out and people start jumping on the bandwagon.

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