How to Invest in Private Companies Like Stripe Before They Go Public

On March 14, online payments technology provide Stripe announced it had raised $600 million in its “Series H.”

This funding round values the business at a staggering $95 billion.

That's nearly triple the company's last reported valuation of $36 billion, less than a year ago – in April 2020.

If this doesn't demonstrate the power of private investing, I don't know what does.

The private markets hold the potential for much higher returns because you can invest before these businesses go public.

Once they go public, you could easily be up hundreds or thousands of times on your initial investment.

Previously, only “accredited investors” could invest in private companies.

But now anyone can do it.

New Law Gives All Americans a Shot at Startup Millions


A recent act of Congress entitled “HR 3606” makes it so virtually all Americans can become angel investors!

Thanks to this law, if you’re an American citizen over the age of 18…

YOU can grab shares in tiny companies with the potential for explosive growth long before they ever hit the stock market.

You don’t have to submit bank statements or pass any tests!

If you have $100 and five minutes to spare, you can become an angel investor!

Regular Americans all over the country are already taking advantage and getting incredibly rich.

You've probably used Stripe before without even knowing it.

This company's proprietary digital payment processing software connects individual bank accounts to businesses to accept payments over the internet.

They do this all without you having to enter your routing and account number to send money around.

All you have to do is enter your online bank account username and password. This is much safer than having your bank account out there in cyberspace.

With the $600 million, Stripe plans to invest into its European operations (31 of the 42 countries Stripe operates in are located in Europe).

Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Stripe is by far the most valuable private fintech company.

The next closest is Robinhood, trailing at a roughly $12 billion valuation.

With its revenue largely tied to the increase in online shopping and investing, Stripe has seen eye-popping growth over the last year.

The company could go public later this year or next. And all investors should be paying close attention.