Did Qualcomm (QCOM) Reveal A Key Piece of the New iPhone?

Move over, Samsung – the iPhone 12 could be a gamechanger thanks to Qualcomm's new 5G modem.

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The race to 5G wireless is on – and if your mobile carrier isn’t already pestering you to upgrade to a 5G phone, they will be soon. All of this is made possible by the hardware inside. In my experience, great hardware is one of the best ways to profit from any tech boom – and that includes 5G. In that vein, chipmaker Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) just announced its latest contribution to the 5G revolution. And Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is sure to take notice.

While the iPhone 11 launch in September was all about “slofies” (and a third camera), Apple is said to be working on a more innovative iPhone 12 for its 5G debut this fall.

The hot new product Qualcomm announced today, the Snapdragon X60, is a 5G modem.

But the modems we’re talking about here are actually tiny chips that go inside smartphones (and other mobile devices).

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Take a peek at this shiny device…

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You can squeeze it between your fingers, just like a cigarette.

It’s tiny, less than 1 inch wide by one-quarter inch tall…

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