Clark: 5G Revolution “Still on the Horizon”

Fabian Horst / CC BY-SA

Story originally published here.

It may not seem like it, but the 5G revolution is still on the horizon.

The reason it doesn’t appear like it’s coming is that conversation has been muted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Any timeline companies had to roll out 5G technology is pushed back because the focus has been on a global health crisis.

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Another reason to think 5G is happening as fast as it was initially billed is that tech stocks, including those related to the 5G revolution, haven’t performed as well as they did before the outbreak took hold of the economy.

The Federal Communications Commission recently started the process to create a $9 billion fund to expand 5G technology into rural areas. This is a huge potential rule that would provide funds to deploy 5G service across the country.

And it’s going to be big for major 5G revolution players.

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