The Numbers Are in: This Is the Top Tech Stock of 2020

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Ian King may have found the perfect stock.

No. 1, behind the scenes, the numbers look incredible. Revenue and sales growth have been through the roof for at least the last two years.

No. 2, this company’s outlook is incredibly bullish. It has been the leader of its field for quite some time.

No. 3, this company has a massive trick up its sleeve. It has been quietly accumulating corporate partnerships for several years, placing itself at the center of a massive tech revolution that several deep-pocketed investors have been clamoring to throw money at.

In fact, this sector as a whole is attracting some big names…

General Electric has committed $1 billion … Google has earmarked $13 billion … IBM … $24 billion… for this new tech…

Even Warren Buffett … the greatest investor in the world … has personally invested a massive $10 billion in this incredible new technology…

You won’t want to miss this.

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