5G Trend Heating Up – Two Exciting Plays

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5G is here. The new digital wireless technology first started to make waves in 2017, with connectivity tests in Argentina, Norway, and Poland. By late 2018, active 5G networks were starting to appear on a limited basis in various urban areas, and in 2019 the first nationwide networks went into operation in the US and China. As 2020 matures, industry analysts expect to see these networks expand, as providers move into the mid- and high-frequency bands.

The new network rollout brings with it a slew of opportunities, as does any new technology. Original equipment manufacturers will need new components. The new networks will require a denser network of towers and transmitters, which in turn will require their own hardware. Semiconductor chip makers especially are looking forward to increased sales as the new equipment brings with it needs for updated and upgraded chips.

To this end, we pulled up TipRanks’ database to learn more about two exciting plays in the 5G space. According to the Street, both of the Buy-rated stocks could win big as this new technology trend takes over. Let’s jump right in.

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