2 Tech Stocks to Buy No Matter Who Wins the Election

No matter who wins the 2020 U.S. Presidency, the President Elect will still have to deal with the fallouts COVID-19.

In the early months of coronavirus, it was widely believed we would have a vaccine by the end of this year.

But now, these same scientists think we won’t have a vaccine that’s widely available until mid-2021.

Regardless of who gets elected President next, they won’t be able to speed up that timeline.

They also won’t be able to control what Governors decide to do regarding whether to lock down their states again or not.

The reality is, states have all the power when deciding whether to issue mandatory lockdowns to its citizens.

The President legally can’t do much.

While it’s unlikely we will see all 50 states close simultaneously, people still aren’t taking unnecessary risks by traveling.

Most people aren’t even expected to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together this year.

Covid combined with the winter months upcoming means people are going to be staying home more often than usual.

So, instead of investing in airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, movie theaters, or any company that requires physical presence to generate a profit, I’m putting my money in these three tech stocks.

These are companies that don’t depend on people being there physically in person to generate profits.

In fact, the more people stay at home, the more they use these companies.

Here they are…

No. 2: Zoom Video Communications

Even after Covid ends, the work from home trend will not.

Every day, businesses are realizing they can accomplish the same amount of work remotely.

And that’s where Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ: ZM) comes in.

finviz dynamic chart for  ZM

Not only does it allow work teams to communicate effectively over video, it will save businesses tons of money because they won’t have to rent as much (or any) office space in the future.

Zoom is the preferred video communications platform as evidenced by its daily active users.

The company has absolutely exploded in 2020, jumping 2,900% – from 10 million daily active users in January to over 300 million today.

If you’ve ever used Skype, Slack, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams – as I have –you’ll know that Zoom by far and away offers the best product.

ZM stock has been rewarded handsomely so far this year – up 557% from $67 to $450 per share today.

If you think it’s too late and you’ve missed out on Zoom, think again. The stock was up as high as $588 in mid-October.

So, now is actually an opportunity to scoop up shares on a relative discount.

I think ZM stock could easily double, maybe even quadruple your money by this time next year.

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